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"Hello John! I was wondering what the differences were between Korean red beans and American kidney beans.. then I saw your comment!! What did you notice? Did you have any preferences? Thanks in advance, G.N. in FL"
in Rice with red beans (Patbap: 팥밥) — Apr/19

"Hello Maangchi. I plan to make this on the weekend. Can i substitute anchovy paste for the dried anchovies? I can only find the paste in my local supermarket. Please let me know, I would like to make it this weekend. I plan to serve it with Patbat 팥밥 and Wanja jeon. What do you think? Thank you again, I enjoy your recipes very much. I have made several already, and they all come out super great!! Love and blessings from FL"
in Doenjang-jjigae (Fermented soybean paste stew) — Apr/19

"Hello Maangchi!! I am always excited to read your blog. I have a small question. I recently have purchased a rice cooker, and I am trying to get more familiar with using it. My husband is from South America (Ecuador) and we eat rice daily, which is why I purchased the rice cooker. Can Patbap be made in a rice cooker? How do the steps change?? Is there any possibility of you doing some recipes for rice cooker users? I would fall over with joy!! You are the best. Thank you in advance for your reply. God bless!"
in Rice with red beans (Patbap: 팥밥) — Sep/17