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"What brand of eggs do you buy to get the dark yellow/orange eggs? I have bought all kinds of egg from organic not-caged chicken, also from the farm markets, all their yolks are pale yellow. So I need to know the name on the box to get the same kind of eggs that you used. I love all your recipes."
in Japchae (Sweet potato starch noodles stir fried with vegetables) — Nov/18

"For those of you who wants to plant mugwort, beware! After a lot of digging in the back yard because of renovation of my house, some dormant seeds of mugwort came up and grew. I did not know what they were. They were pretty, looking like chrysanthemum leaves. I let it grow, since I wanted to see the flowers. Wrong move! Pretty soon the whole back yard was full with mugworts, wall to wall. I used all kinds of ways to kill them, even all kinds of herbicides, including Round-up (5x) that a neighbor, who was working at a nursery then, prayed them for me. Then the family moved, the mugworts still in my back yard. Finally I looked in the Internet, and found Lontrel, that unfortunately a non professional cannot buy. The smallest size was a quart bottle. It cost $120.00 at that time. I bought it through my rose club that I belong to. I wore goggles, protective herbicide clothing that covered me from head to toes, mask for my breathing, and armed with a prayer I carefully sprayed the leaves very early in the morning, when it was not windy, careful not to spray the soil, since I did not want to contaminate my soil. It worked. The next year the mugwort did not come up, their roots were black. Mugwort has very long soft roots. If you break them, more plants grow. So beware. They are all over the place, I went to China last year, I saw them there too. I did not know I could have harvested them and eat them!--Missed my chance, but no, thank you, I am NOT growing them again. Sometimes a few come up again, and I immediately pull them, including the roots."
in Mugwort soup (Ssukguk) — Apr/12

"I consider it a lucky day when I found Maangchi on the Internet. Her food is delicious and her explanations clear and easy to follow. She made making Korean food easy! Thank you very very much. It would be nice to win the starter kit, although I could look for them in the Korean grocery stores in the neighborhood."
in Win a Korean cooking startup kit from CJ — Nov/11