Taxdoctor's comments

"Been making the dish for a few years now and love it. I've also adapted it to kohlrabi (as have others) both dices and shredded on a mandolin which I prefer. I've even used almost the same recipe for things like Brussels sprouts and even okra. Now I want to tackle something a little different, however I'm stumped. This fall I'll have access to Okinawan sweet potatoes (purple) that I think would be beautiful. Since Koreans eat tons of sweet potatoes I thought finding a kimchi recipe would be a breeze. I was wrong. Are potatoes too dense to use? Will cooking the potatoes destroy the bacteria needed to ferment the kimchi? While I've found many recipes for sweet potato dishes that add kimchi can this vegetable even be used for kimchi?"
in Kkakdugi (Cubed radish kimchi) — Jul/19

"After realizing that anything can be made into kimchi I'd been waiting for the first harvest of kohlrabi to come in this year. Between that and finally finding real Korean gochugaru (been using Chinese pepper flakes) I am very happy with the results.Kohlrabi has about the same water content as diakon and a bit more sweetness so this Kkakdugi recipe requires virtually no modifications. Thank you so much Maangchi."
in Kkakdugi (Cubed radish kimchi) — Jul/18