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"Thanks so much for uploading this video. It's definitely on my to buy list when I visit Korea. Hope you can upload more videos on other dried seafood too. I have 2 methods to de-bone cooked fish: - make slight cut (flesh) near tail of fish, then gently bend the fish while holding down the flesh at the bottom. The bones pretty much stays intact. Flip over and do the same. - or, make straight cut from tail to head at the middle of the fish... dividing it horizontally in the middle. Pretty much following the anatomy of the fish. Much neater and easier to search for specific bones."
in Grilled salted & dried yellow corvina (Gulbi-gui: 굴비구이) — Jun/16

"I just made this with beef minus honey, pine nuts since I don't have any at hand. Ate it with rice and chilled cucumbers. Verdict: Awesome!!!! I can imagine it an excellent dish with wraps like layers of kaenip, lettuce, fresh seaweed... with rice and shredded chilled cucumbers. Very nice lunch box/picnic food. Next time I'm gonna try it with pork instead. Thanks for sharing this fuss free and yet tasty recipe with us. :D"
in Yak-gochujang (Fried gochujang) — Jul/14

"Congratulations~ and thanks for being around so long. I hope that we can share many more wonderful years with you. (There is still more Korean recipes we are eagerly awaiting.) wink wink*"
in 200,000 YouTube subscribers — Oct/13

"Yes.. yes... thats the one I was 'thinking' about but forgot to type the word roots. My mistake. I thought I knew most of the recipes you uploaded but managed to miss it. My bad. :("
in Mumallaengi-muchim (Seasoned dried radish strips) — May/13

"Thank you so much for this recipe. I've been yearning for this kimchee for so long. Now, I just hope that the kmart here sells this dried radish. Can't wait to try making it. Winks* Btw, can you please upload a video on dried bell pepper kimchee in the near future?"
in Mumallaengi-muchim (Seasoned dried radish strips) — May/13

"Maangchi is like the Goddess of Fortune for us fans. Not only she shares delicious korean food with us, we are all equally blessed to be able to share her fortunes with us. Thus getting us all excited with each new features. Thank you, Maangchi~ :D"
in Win a Korean cooking startup kit from CJ — Nov/11

"LOL I'm a madcap experimentalist! Will try to do it when I go back home to Malaysia. I'm temporarily staying in Singapore. Trying to limit on my packing when I leave. So, I can't buy the claypot to experiment it for now."
in Steamed eggs in an earthenware bowl (Ttukbaegi gyeranjjim) — Nov/11

"Thanks for sharing this simple, yet delicious recipe, Maangchi. Its one of my favourate side dishes. I prefer the steamed egg to be a little drier. What would be your suggestion? Leave it a little longer on the stove? Or, remove lid and let it continue cooking on its own?"
in Steamed eggs in an earthenware bowl (Ttukbaegi gyeranjjim) — Nov/11

"Can't wait to hear about your adventure. And if we don't hear from you anytime soon, I guess you really must be having fun! :D"
in Leaving for Mexico — Feb/11

"No. Chillie boh is just finely ground fresh chillies. The hot pepper paste is precooked... sweet, salty, spicy & thick. Its worth buying it cause you can use it for a variety of dishes. Good luck! ^_^"
in Jaya Jusco — Jan/11

"=O Uses corn syrup again! Gotta be extra careful this time. hehe... My son loves fried food. Will try this recipe once I manage to get all the ingredients. Thanks for sharing it with us. :D"
in Sweet, sour, & spicy Korean fried chicken (Yangnyeom-tongdak) — Jan/11

"It never crossed my mind to blend rice to create a smooth porridge consistency. Thats a brilliant idea! A wild thought. I think if modified this recipe a little by adding in condensed milk or something, it might turn into a delicious desert too."
in Pine nut porridge (Jatjuk) — Jan/11

"After cooking the vegetable pancake, I prefer to grill it briefly. It helps to excrete some of the oil. Makes it crispier and more fragrant too."
in Chive pancake (Buchujeon: 부추전) — Jan/11

"You can try pre-season the whole chicken with 2 tbs of salt and leave it to aside for cooking several hours later. Add salt to porridge according to your taste after it is done."
in Chicken & chicken soup (Yeonggye-baeksuk: 영계백숙) — Jan/11

"Hehe... I don't know what I did wrong but my sauce thicken up within 5 mins after I pourned in the corn syrup. It burned slightly at the bottom of my stainless steel pot. Now I am having a hard time trying to scrub it off. The sauce turned into toffee like but dumbo me still mixed in the chicken. No burn taste. However.... the toffee like sauce sticked onto my teeth as I chewed into the chicken. And I thought to myself... "OMG~ If it still doesn't come off, I would have a hard time at the dentist. *imagines the contruction worker drilling onto my teeth to remove those 'toffees'. Lucky thing it came off. Haha... Nevertheless, I will still try to make this dish again."
in Sweet crispy fried chicken (Dakgangjeong) — Jan/11