Tessa's comments

"Made this a few days ago. It is so delicious. I made 3 pounds so I could send some home with my sister. I'm currently eating more right now with rice. Yum"
in Asian chive kimchi (Buchu-kimchi: 부추김치) — Jul/19

"Made these today to pair with my lunch and tea break. Smelled so good when I pulled them out of the oven. I don't like things too sweet so I did the lesser sugar amount. Very nice. I plan to freeze a bunch for when my parents come to visit. Thanks Maangchi!"
in Cinnamon cookies filled with bean paste (Gyepi-manju: 계피만주) — Jul/19

"I wanted to make this for a long time, tonight I finally did. I was so pleased with the flavor on this dish. I love the chewy texture of rice cakes, I'm glad I have another favorite dish to use them in. I could not find a small Brisket beef, so I ended up using tenderloin. Thank you Maangchi."
in Korean Royal court stir fried rice cakes (Gungjung-tteokbokki) — Sep/17