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"I need some help! I made the kimchi Saturday afternoon and stored it in some clean glass jars I kept from pasta sauce/salsa. I left them in a tray on a shelf in the laundry room to ferment. Yesterday (Sunday) I released some of the built up air and some of the liquid bubbled out so I just rinsed off the jars and washed out the tray and put it back. But today when I went to release some of the air the tray had a lot of clear liquid at the bottom but none of the jars were broken and it wasn't red like the kimchi sauce. The kimchi looked a bit separated, too. With liquid at the bottom and the kimchi pushing on the lid of the jar. The sauce seeped out when I was taking the lids off to push it down too. It smells a bit more fishy than most of the kimchi I've ever tried. I used Squid brand fish sauce so maybe that's why? I didn't add any actual squid or seafood to the kimchi (and I didn't have any leeks on hand) but other than that I followed the recipe. The temperature of where I put it is about 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Is this normal?? Or did I do something wrong?? (Picture of the separation at bottom of jar)"
in Easy kimchi — Oct/17