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"Hi Maangchi! Could I use fish sauce instead of saeujeot for someone who has a shrimp allergy? Thank you!"
in Squash and beef over rice (Hobak-sogogi-deopbap: 호박소고기덮밥) — Oct/22

"DELICIOUS!!! I can't believe I can make makgeolli at home so easily!! Making this makgeolli in my onggi; I have two small ones now, but want a much bigger one to make huge batches; Maangchi, can I simply double (or triple) everything to make a big batch? Lived in Korea for 7 years and I can't believe I was buying makgeolli the whole time when I could have been making it myself! And it's more delicious! Thank you for all your incredible recipes, Maangchi! They warm my heart as they always make me think of my time in wonderful Korea!"
in Traditional Korean rice liquor (Makgeolli) — Jul/22