Tialamala's comments

"I love this recipe, so easy! This is a great use for kale, which is normally bitter and hard to make delicious things out of. I've made this recipe more than a few times in the last week. Some modifications I made are using miso paste to flavor the batter because I didn't have gochujang, and adding the last of my nappa kimchi (along with the juice for spice in place of the gochujang). Miso made it salty and extra yummy."
in Kale Pancakes — Aug/14

"Wow, I'm half Filipino so I've eaten a lot of adobo, but I didn't know there was a white, creamy variety. I definitely want to try this."
in Chicken adobo (Adobo sa Gata) — Aug/14

"I was running out of milk so I used buttermilk instead and it was super sticky even after another hour of rising. I had to add more flour and then I had to let it rise extra. So if you want to use buttermilk, try two cups of flour and knead it more. It's worth it though, it has a tangy flavor with buttermilk. Thanks for the great recipe Maangchi!"
in Bread Rolls — Aug/14