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"I am currently trying out this the form of your broccoli pickle recipe! I am going to be trying your gamjajeon recipe as well. I have also made bap, nurungji, and sungnyung. I love nurungji! It reminds me of my favorite Japanese rice crackers and is much healthier because there is a lot less sodium I think. Keep up the wonderful videos :D!"
in Korean style steamed broccoli salad — Apr/13

"I have been a long time fan of your cooking channel :D. However, I realized after going through all of your Korean vocabulary videos that you have forgotten the most important word of all..."Delicious!" lol. You always say it in your cooking videos when trying the food. Yet you never say it in Korean, or show us how to say it. I looked it up online, but I found different English spellings for the word. The pronunciation sounds like "maa shi so yo". Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated."
in My new Korean vocabulary channel on YouTube — Apr/13