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"Hi Cat - i followed Maangchi's recipe until step 6 (I boiled the ribs then place them in the slow cooker). I put all the remaining ingredients into the slow cooker at a 'low' setting for 6 hours and literally just left it alone...but I suspect it may differ depending on your slow cooker? I hope it goes well for you! Tokki123"
in Braised beef short ribs (Galbi-jjim: 갈비찜) — Jul/11

"Hi Maangchi - I love your website and youtube show. It's where I go when I feel homesick! I made this with short ribs, carrots, potatoes, shiitake mushrooms and chestnuts in a slow-cooker. The meat just melted off the bone - it was amazingly flavoursome! We didn't have any sauce left at the end either so clean up was no trouble ^^ Thanks so much!"
in Braised beef short ribs (Galbi-jjim: 갈비찜) — Jul/11

"Hi Maangchi - I boiled my sa-gol for >20 hours....and it's still not milky white!!! It tastes alright, and leaves a sticky feeling on your lips? (when cooled in the fridge, it actually turned into jelly...) what did i do wrong??"
in Ox bone soup (Seolleongtang) — Jun/11