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"Um, nom, nom, I made this for dinner tonight for the first time and it's so delicious. I love sweeteness of the radish and the yummy broth with peppers. So good. Plus it felt very filling. Thanks Maangchi!"
in Braised Saury (Kkongchi-jorim) — Oct/12

"Hmmm... I made this last night but the flavor was very, very funky. I used a package of seaweed stems I had bought quite a while ago and left in the fridge. The date was ok, but still it wasn't very fresh. Would this make a difference? Or maybe I'm just not as accustomed to seaweed flavor as I thought I was?"
in Sautéed sea plant (Miyeokjulgi-bokkeum) — Oct/12

"I've really been enjoying your photos Maangchi! (Your captions are so funny.) The village is really beautiful- I'll be your tour guide any day!"
in My shopping in Mexico — Mar/11

"Whoa, Maangchi... your pictures just made me so hungry. They also made me really miss Oaxaca!!! The pic of your mysterious white drink definitely looked like atole- a hot corn drink. (Champurrado is chocolate atole.) Hehe... but it looks like you figured that all out already! My Oaxacan hubby says atole is a total comfort food- I think of it as the Mexican equivalent of juk. Mexican style horchata is made from rice, not corn, and is usually served cold. (There are a lot of regional versions of horchata- for example Salvadorean horchata is made from some kind of melon seed and has some chocolate in it.)"
in Food, food in Mexico! — Mar/11

"Hi Maangchi, I am a big, big fan of yours! I'm so excited that you went to Oaxaca! (I am American but my husband is from Oaxaca. I've been there several times to visit his family.) Did you try chapulines (grasshoppers) or mole? What about the nieves and tlayudas? Maybe you can make your own kimchi/quesillo tlayuda! Did you try any of the sandwiches made with quesillo? They put mashed beans, pickled jalapeno, shredded quesillo and avocado on a Mexican roll (telera). I thought beans on a sandwich was kind of unusual but it was really delicious. When I went I bought almost the same things you did except I also bought rebozos (the cotton and silk wraps) and prepared paste for making mole negro. Also, my husband's family is from a really remote indigenous village in the highlands where they grow coffee. I usually bring back some of their coffee beans and homemade chili paste. (They smoke chilis over the fire they use to cook tortillas and grind it with salt. It's delicious- you would probably love it!) Ok, that's enough... maybe I talked too much about Mexico!"
in My shopping in Mexico — Feb/11