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"Hi Maangchi I have adpated Bibimbap and created a dish called ZenBibimbap! Instead of using high G.I white sticky rice, I use low G.I brown rice with added red beans. I change the ground beef for mild tuna in spring water. I use all the same 'yachae' veggies as in the traditional recipe. However some people add sugar to the red pepper paste sauce, but I use fresh homemade 'Maesil' (plum juice) from my Korean mother-in-law. I also add some crushed walnuts and use a soft poached egg instead of fried. And sprinkle sesame seeds and some dried kim (lava) to finish and a drizzle of sesame oil. I'm a marathon runner and this is just the best meal I can ever eat for a healthy and energetic lifestyle. Plus, it tastes delicious!"
in Bibimbap (Mixed rice with vegetables) — Apr/10

"Sorry Maangchi, wrong question, I mean how do I ask for Beef Short Ribs in Korean because I haven't done Galbijjim yet!! Oh confusing! And can I use Doegi Galbi for Galbijjim and how do I ask for that? Thank you!!"
in Braised beef short ribs (Galbi-jjim: 갈비찜) — Apr/10

"Hi Maangchi I have been using your site for a year or more now. My wife is Korean Australian and we have come back to Korea for 6 months to get married and so I can build a relationship with her parents. You have helped me out heaps as I have regularly cooked for my wifes parents when they come to visit. I am nowhere near as good as my Mother-in-Law, who is an amazing cook, but it still makes me happy that the parents enjoy my food, (heh heh... your food!!) Although, my Father-in Law thinks it is terrible that I cook and not my wife. He's always giving her a hard time. Cooking in Australia is a passion for me, so it has been great to come here and learn all these new Korean dishes, with a lot of help from you of course. Anyway - my question to you. The one dish I haven't done yet is Gamjatang. How do I ask for the Pork Spine in Korean so I can get it from the local butchers? Once again - thank you"
in Braised beef short ribs (Galbi-jjim: 갈비찜) — Apr/10