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"I just finished making a batch of this as well. I used champagne yeast instead of baking yeast and went to bottle it on day 9 as well. It was extremely sour for me too! I was worried I had messed it up, but I added extra sugar to balance out the sourness (I added sugar a quarter cup at a time and mixed and tasted until it was a little sweeter than I liked, knowing that it would continue to ferment and get dryer tasting in the fridge, wound up being closer to a cup and a half of sugar, I wasn't counting). I'm glad I did! Not even 24 hours later I opened a bottle and it was fizzy and so so delicious! (Side note: the sugar will reinvigorate the fermentation and make the yeast in your drink get very active, leading to lots of CO2 production leading to carbonation, so make sure to "burp" your bottles by opening them occasionally. Even after just 24 hours in the fridge my bottles were so fizzy that they overflowed like a shaken bottle of champagne!)"
in Traditional Korean rice liquor (Makgeolli) — May/20