Melissa W

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"If you are looking to make Samgak Kimbap, this store sells the triangle shaper that Maangchi uses in her video. They do not however sell the Samgak Kim."
in Mitsuwa Marketplace — Apr/11

"I just made this yesterday for lunches but my family isn't big on tuna or kimchi so i made chicken everything. the tuna filling was amazing if you just switched the tuna with chicken. as for spicy, i took the kimchi recipe and switched it for chicken as well. I added an extra teaspoon of hot pepper paste and warmed it all in a pan. It came out really well. I hope this helped. =)"
in Samgak-gimbap (Triangle gimbap) — Apr/11

"I went to a huge, almost mall-like, store near my house and they didn't have the wrappers but they had the white shaper sold individually. These little guys are difficult to find, that's for sure."
in Triangle gimbap mold — Apr/11

"I Finally found the laver! I'm so excited, though I wish my stickers were as cute as yours."
in Samgak-gimbap (Triangle gimbap) — Apr/11

"Hello! I like spicy but I am not a fan of chili peppers. Would the taste change if I simply left them out?"
in Spicy stir-fried fish cakes (Eomuk-bokkeum) — Mar/11

"A couple people in my family don't eat pork or beef. Is it possible to substitute the meat with turkey or chicken?"
in Mandu (Dumplings) — Mar/11

"This is brilliant. As soon as I can find that wrap I am trying this out =D Thank you Maangchi <3"
in Samgak-gimbap (Triangle gimbap) — Mar/11