Urahara's comments

"Hello Maangchi! I've been wanting to make Samgyetang for a while now, especially for my eomma's birthday which is on sunday, but I discovered this week that it is illegal in Canada to buy or sell or export fresh ginseng... Can I replace it with something else? Jujubes are impossible to find too :( Aigoo Eotteoke~!"
in Ginseng chicken soup (Samgyetang) — Sep/11

"Hello Maangchi! I once saw a video where celebrities were making kimchi and they used shrimps to put in the kimchi paste... If I'm allergic to squid, can I use shrimps?"
in Easy kimchi — Aug/11

"Hello Maangchi! I just made Hoddeok for my friends and they are absolutely loving it! I've made 4 recipes tonight so far as a test, because I want to cook a korean meal for my mother in law... I made chamchijeon, hobakjeon and musaengchae, with hoddeok as a dessert and right now everything is voted a big big yes! Thank you so much for your hard work!"
in Sweet pancakes with brown sugar syrup filling (Hotteok) — Aug/11

""Jeon" is the korean word common to all the "korean pancakes" there is. Hobakjeon, chamchijeon, deongtaejeon, gochujeon, kimchijeon etc. Since it's made with eggs and flour, it is indeed a pancake... Changing the name would mean changing the meaning of "jeon" At least that's what I think?"
in Tuna pancakes (Chamchijeon) — Aug/11

"Hello Maangchi, I'm trying to find Seolleongtang in your books but I can't find it in either of the 3, is it scheduled for book #4?"
in Ox bone soup (Seolleongtang) — Aug/11