Valeria's comments

"Tried searching for info and video not working. For this kimchee recipe, do I use 2 cups of the milder hot pepper flakes or the spicy hot pepper flakes? Thank you in advance."
in Traditional napa cabbage kimchi (Tongbaechu-kimchi: 통배추김치) — Sep/16

"If you don't have the plastic triangle, how about making the triangular shape by bending sturdy cardboard into a triangle and the covering the cardboard with waxed paper, so rice wouldn't stick. Just a thought."
in Samgak-gimbap (Triangle gimbap) — Sep/16

"For this recipe, are the hot pepper flakes the spicey or milder ones? If I substitute fresh spicy peppers, after blended, about how much would I need for 2 cups of flakes? Would it be better to let the peppers dry out, then grind them insread of using them fresh? Taedanhee gomawoyo."
in Easy kimchi — Sep/16