vishnusa's comments

"I love this recipe, and like the jjajang even better with rice!"
in Jjajangmyeon (Noodles in blackbean sauce) — Sep/21

"This was super easy to make and delicious. It’s usually hard to find a dish that’s cold and spicy! Loved it! Kamsamida, Maangchissi!!"
in Spicy, chewy, sweet & sour cold noodles (Jjolmyeon: 쫄면) — May/21

"Hi Ms. Maangchi, I cannot wait to try out this vegetarian kimchi recipe of yours! However, is it possible to substitute ready-made Gochujang paste for the kimchi paste mentioned here? If so, do I modify that into the recipe in any way? Thanks!"
in Vegetarian and vegan kimchi (Chaesik-kimchi: 채식김치) — May/20