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"Hi Maangchi! I'm so glad to discover all your tasty recipes! I love korean food and enjoy trying new recipes. I made this kimchi last time (about a month ago) and let it ferment outside the frigde for 6 days. It became fairly sour but my brother and I have been eating it nonetheless! I just made your kimchi jjigae with the rest of it so its time to make a new batch! So in the last batch, the cabbage was quickly wilted even though I was careful to follow your recommendations of time and measurements. I don't know why this happened but I'm wondering if I possibly put too much salt? (As a side not, my brother did not like the fish sauce taste and recognized it right away so this time I will make a separate batch for him with soy sauce as you mentioned above. I did not taste the fish sauce as he did.) So I like when the cabbage feels fresh and crispy though it is done can I obtain this result? Do I cut down the time while salting? Please guide me, thank you!"
in Easy kimchi — Aug/20