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"That worked really well! Thanks."
in Rolled omelette side dish (Gyeranmari) — Jul/10

"I made Gye ran jjim recently, and it was just as easy and yummy as you say! I steamed the egg in a bowl inside my rice pot on the stove, cooked them both together (15 minutes), and then I ate the rice and the egg together. It was wonderful. But it was very difficult to clean up after--the bits of egg stuck to the bowl were extremely stubborn. It was such an ordeal I haven't made it since, which is sad. Do you have any tricks for cleaning up?"
in Rolled omelette side dish (Gyeranmari) — Jun/10

"I have just made this mulkimchi with red round radishes and, since they didn't have any of their leaves, a bit of curly kale. It tastes so good fresh, and it looks so pretty, it's almost a shame to cover it with water and ferment it! What a fantastic way to use up the radishes from the past few weeks' CSA pick-up. I will try to send you a photo."
in Yeolmu mulkimchi (young summer radish water kimchi) — Jun/10