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"Hello. I stubborn man . and while made from green wheat malt. The appointment of Nuruk and malt is the same, is to break down the rice starch and turn it into alcohol. tomorrow I'm going to have to drain this wine. but while in appearance is the same as in the picture. and today when I tried to drink it was very warm in his chest. And of course I will nuruk as you describe and compare the tastes. about the plastic bag I also doubt."
in Traditional Korean rice liquor (Makgeolli) — Aug/15

"Thanks for the explanation. but I do a lot of searching on the Internet. And found this recipe for Nuruk . it looks like yours but is described in more detail. Maybe someone will find it useful. Recipe Sourdough-nuruk is prepared as follows: 1. For cooking 500 gr. the leaven of nuruk we need 1 kg of wheat (ratio of proportions: two times larger in volume). The ferment can be done in store, ensuring proper storage conditions. 2. The cleaned wheat to grind a little bigger than flour. 3. The milled wheat add water in the ratio of 30% by weight of flour and mix well to make a thick dough. 4. Spread the dough into a flat wooden tray with low sides. First thoroughly rumple hands, and better heels of the feet, after covering the dough any matter. The dough should be very thick. 5. Formed leaven of nuruk wrap in plastic bag and leave for 2 weeks at a temperature of 30-35 degrees Celsius. 6. Ready ferment of nuruk stored in a well ventilated area."
in Traditional Korean rice liquor (Makgeolli) — Jul/15

"Hello. I live in Russia. and we didn't perhaps get Nuruk . And I have a question. can I use green wheat malt . if not, do you know cooking Nuruk at home?"
in Traditional Korean rice liquor (Makgeolli) — Jul/15

"hello. I love your site. you are very accessible explain cooking Korean dishes. But here a year, I can not cook rice dough. Russia does not sell frozen flour. But we sell simple dry rice flour. As of dry flour dough to make it? I have a lot of rice flour spoiled, but I have nothing."
in Garaetteok (cylinder-shaped rice cakes for tteokguk or tteokbokki) — Jan/15