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"Hi Maangchi, I made this kimchi for the first time a few days ago at my boyfriend's place (as I'm a student and my kitchen is tiny!). He got robbed into it (heheh!). It was delicious, I didn't have a food processor so had to peel and chop all those garlics by hand - I made a mount of garlic skin on his kitchen top! For some reason the day I decided to make kimchi there was no daikon radish in any of our greengrocers or supermarkets, so I ended up just using more carrots. I also used more fish sauce instead of shrimp paste. The process was long but totally worth it though, it was the first time I ever had freshly made kimchi.My boyfriend was sulking that I made so much kimchi that the entire place just smells like kimchi (I love the stuff!), but we both agree it's way better than any store-bought kimchi and taste just as good as the ones we had in a popular Korean place in London. I made kimchi fried rice yesterday so I think he's happy now though hehe!"
in Traditional napa cabbage kimchi — Oct/19