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"Hi Maangchi :) I saw this video and it looked amazing and I really wanted to make it! Unfortunately I had no kimchi, or soy beans, or meat in the fridge! But I was also too lazy to go out and buy it as it is quite far to go to get kimchifrom where I live. I remembered you had emergency kimchi recipe and luckily I had cabbages left in the fridge so I made your delicious emergency kimchi for the soup! Hahaha. Then I replaced. The soy beans with a tin of cannellini beans..I figured they are both white so why not..and just as luck would have it, I remembered I had pork sausages in the freezer from the week before! So I was able to make your delicious soup! It’s a bit different but it was super yummy and my husband ate so much rice with the soup slurping it all up to the very last drop. Thank you for another great cosy recipe!"
in Ground soybean stew (Kongbiji-jjigae) — Dec/18

"Hi Maangchi!!!. It's so cold and raining in Sydney today and all I could think of was your kimchi sujebi!! My Korean gave me their homemade kimchi and it's soo yummy and sour so I used that to make it. It's the first time I made this sujebi and it's so easy and yummy and absolutely perfect for today's gloomy weather!! My boyfriend ate sooooo much of it and kept asking for more hahahahahaha!! He even stile some noodles from my bowl!! Anyways I'd just like to thank you for yet another great quick and easy recipes :) loved it!!!"
in Sujebi (Hand torn noodle soup) — Jul/11

"Hehehe ^_^ it's ok you can laugh. I laughed too after cleaning it all up. I've put them in the fridge already so it's been almost 3 days in the fridge I think. It has so much juces on the bottom that I'm not sure if it's too much. I read in previous posts about this being normal so I won't panick just yet. Thank you again for ur great recipes!! Loving it loving it ;)"
in Kimchi and Kkakdugi — Apr/10

"Hi Maangchi, i've downloaded heaps of your podcasts and they are so all doo great!! So thank God for you for making Korean food much more easy to make at home for non Korean like me. Anyways I'm visiting my family in Thailand right now and my dad loves kimchi to death but he can't find yummy ones so I said I'll make one for him using ur recipes!! (minus oysters). After I made it and left overnight for 15 hours, My mom woke up and was horrified to find my kitchen floor covered in kimchi sauce!! It was a bloodbath!! The kimchi mix in the plastic tuppawear had swelled up and pushed the lids (I had more than 1 box) open and the liquid just overflowed onto the floor. I also had another batch in a container with screwed on lid. This one didn't overflowed but for some reason she was afraid it will do the same so she wanted to let some sauce out. She twisted the lid and it was instant limbo explosion!!! Red sauces sprayed all over the place!! It was hours before we filly finished cleaning up. Sorry it's so long but..I don't know what I did wrong apart from maybe overfilled the containers. I'm afraid that my kimchi won't turn out right after 3 weeks in the fridge. Could u offer any advice?? Cheers :)"
in Kimchi and Kkakdugi — Apr/10