WinglessAngel's comments

"I wish, we have no reliable fish mongers around where I live. I would have to drive a couple hours just to get to one. I just happened to be in that area that day because I had to drive out of state. It's not one I would go out of my way to stop at but if I'm close I would just to see if their produce and seafood were in a better state."
in Park To Shop Market — Aug/17

"So an update on our visit to this store. While I can understand a language barrier, (that has no bearing on my review, that is to be expected), I'm sorely disappointed in the quality of produce and seafoods available. I was able to find some nicely sized whole clams in the shells fresh, but I was only able to find decent grouper and red snapper pre frozen and whole, the rest of my fish list, including tuna, was no where to be found. The produce itself was in horrible shape. For the middle of august the produce should be very fresh still and not rotting or wilted. The store setups don't look hardly at all like the photos and the seafood section, tanks included, were in very poor shape, dirty tanks etc. The produce section was at least half empty. While I would probably still shop there just to see if I can find fresh tuna once in a great while and purchase the frozen grouper and red snapper, the rest was very very disappointing. Though I did find some of the fish I was looking for so it wasn't an entirely wasted trip. I don't get to that area of Michigan but on the very rare occasion so I won't be making a special trip unless I'm within the 12 miles or so I was to it this afternoon."
in Park To Shop Market — Aug/17

"I'll be making a stop at this Korean market on Wednesday afternoon (08/16/2017), I'll leave a review when we get back on how it is. Super excited to stop there. I live away from Michigan now (I grew up in the SE Michigan area) and we have NO Asian markets, much less a Korean one, anywhere near us for at least 2-4 hours. I have to be in the area there on that day so I'm making a pit stop before we have to head back home to late that day. I'm super excited to be able to stop at an Asian market (Korean no less) for the first time in about 7 years (yes, sad but true!)"
in Park To Shop Market — Aug/17

"Made this last night for dinner last night. It was amazing as usual. This is one of my favorite soups/stews! Even though I'm not living in South Korea at least I can get a taste of home with this delicious recipe. Thanks Maangchi!"
in Mushroom soup (Beoseot-deulkkae-tang: 버섯들깨탕) — Aug/17