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"Maangchi,just wanna buy some ingredients from malaysia(kuching) that i think will have korean food. i check kuching jalan song on ur website,and go there,the store totally closed (never open,maybe bankrupt),someone buy his store and right now become pharmacy store.im look around few other store in malaysia and found that i already have, still looking for somyeon,chili crush pepper,jjangmyeon noodles,jeotgal. anyone from kuching(pls not far away like jalan song take 30 min use car) can help me to found this stuff?"
in Spicy stuffed green chili pepper kimchi (Gochu-sobagi: 고추소박이) — Oct/16

"it would be great to know, all recipes long last in fridge or room tempature. i will make this tomorrow ,its gonna tasty."
in Korean style steamed broccoli salad — Sep/16

"can i use ponytail radish instead of korean radish?im sure there is no korean radish and daikon in small city."
in Dongchimi (radish water kimchi) — Sep/16