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"Philippines is on the list!!! Yay!! I'm excited to see what dishes will be shared in this "episode". Is it going to be meat-based dish? dessert like rice cakes? fish or sea food? or vegetable dish? (hints and winks *) too many choices...you might want to swing by on some islands for sun, sand and side dishes adventure. :)) We'll definitely keep tab on these videos. Got something to look forward to this end of the year. Chigum gatchi gapshida!!!"
in Gapshida itinerary announced! — Sep/11

"Yey!!And I have been making use of mungbean sprouts (sukju) as substitute for kungnamol since I can't find soybean sprouts in my area and failed miserably sprouting them before. I just have to check how you made use of mung bean. Almost everything is done same with kungnamol muchim except for gochukaro and cucumber. I will try this soon and see how hubby will like it with the cucumber. Cheers for the nextup...hope to see your vids getting better and better. (Like the tons of foods made bcoz of them still aren't enough proof that your on the right track.) P.S. Any plans of going to PHP? :)"
in Mung bean sprout and cucumber side dish (Sukju-oi-namul) — May/11

""I'm in!" ;D"
in Private: Maangchi’s cookbook lucky 7 — Feb/11

"Hmmm..This reminded me of my own photo of hoddeok using the recipe here. I was also excited to find that recipe finally that I think I also made it soon after. Problem is ... I am not sure where I've saved it. Gotta hunt it up to for a "Show and Tell" in the online class, Maangchi. ;)"
in Uh oh! Hoddeok! : ) — Apr/10

"This comment page is turning out to be almost all about your age. And I am not complaining. ;) I, myself had also wondered about that. It sure comes as a good surprise to know the real number. (giggles)"
in What’s happening to Maangchi these days? — Jan/10

"Interesting shots specially the ones in San Pedro.Just the everyday local scenes gives a glimpse of the place and not only the typical "beautiful" scenery."
in Guatemalan local markets and scenery — Jan/10

"Happy New Year Maangchi! Nice way to close the year with this backpacking trip of yours. I would like to answer your question on whether it's the scenery, food or people. I was surprised to see you chose people over food. Same choice for me. But on the second thought, it might not actually come as a surprise considering that you really easily connect to people that you come across even just online. People, people. I'll leave my other thoughts on your "people" entry."
in Guatemalan trip : Introduction — Jan/10