Yolinda's comments

"Hello maangchi, thank you for bringing us so many great recipes! I am wondering the brand of the wok you were using , could you tell me the name of the brand? Thank you"
in Stir-fried Asian chives, meat, and vegetables (Buchu-japchae: 부추잡채) — Oct/18

"Maangchi! Thank u so much! This is so delicious!! I use shrimp stock instead of anchovy stock. I just used their skin and some garlic then simmer for about 10mins. I just can't stop eating that. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe!"
in Jjamppong (Spicy mixed-up seafood noodle soup) — Aug/16

"Hello , I am really a big fan of u! I have discovered ur video a month ago then I quickly tried ur recipes and bought ur book! I have tried more than half of ur recipes and all turned out great except the steamed egg! It still has so much stock after boiling for 10mins but it was burned at the bottom. Can u help me to solve this problem cause this is my favourite dish! I put exactly what u put in. It is the fire not big enough or need to boil longer? But the bottom is burned! I have tried boiling over 15mins but is was still watery! thank u!"
in Steamed eggs in an earthenware bowl (Ttukbaegi gyeranjjim) — May/16