Brown's comments

"Maangchi, Thank you so much for your informative site! I see the locals in the photos sharing your meal. Didn't they tell you this dish resembles their "yellow chicken rice" When I had their food, it reminded me of this dish. Both very tasty! I want to ask you (or any reader) what is the Korean name of a dish similar to this? I was watching a Korean drama the other day and they were having this for dinner. Mmm I forgot the name of this dish - I need its Korean name so I can find it if not I will make it myself :) Basically its a rice porridge, thicker than this dish, with small pieces of (leftover) chicken meat or beef. I am more used to the beef variety and if I know the name maybe I can get it :) Thanks again - keep up the good work - and enjoy your holidays!"
in Chicken and rice porridge (Dakjuk) — Dec/14