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"Maangchi, Unni!!! Look at my sukju-namol! Every time i open the black cover on my planter I get very excited. It is just so amazing to see how much it’s multiplied. I only had a cup of mung beans in the cupboard but even then i had a great harvest. Thank you so much for sharing how to grow our own bean sprouts. I also love kungnamol but i still have to find soybeans here in Sicily. I miss all the food back in Korea but now with your videos I can make my own but not all since some ingredients are not available in our island. Kamsahamnida, Maangchi!"
in Mung bean sprouts — May/18

"Maangchi, what do you think of my kkwabaegi? Thank you very much for your awesome recipe!"
in Twisted Korean doughnuts (Kkwabaegi) — Apr/18