Old school rice cooking

Hello, I’m Pin from Thailand. I’m a cooking person BUT I’ve never tried cooking rice via this old-school way. Here was my first time cooking rice with non-electronics cooking pot and the result came splendidly. Moreover, I got the second and the third product of this rice cooking which surprised my mom a lot since it has been a very long time that she had this taste. I served my cooked rice in traditional Thai clay pot called “Charm Tra Kai – a bowl with chicken painting” which also known as an old style of heat preservation kitchen method.

PS 1: In Thai Language, the cooked rice we called ” Kao Suay”. Kao means rice, Suay means beautiful.
PS 2: Nurungji in Thai language, we call as “Kao Tang”. Kao means rice, Tang means dry.

The recipe for cooked rice is here!

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    I love the bowl with the lid! I didn’t know Thai eats nurungji, too!
    Thank you for the photo. The rice looks fluffy and delicious!

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