Mushroom and perilla seeds soup

One of my favorit dish !
Comforting, smooth, savory, yummy !
It’s like a french « velouté » but in a light version (le velouté is traditionnaly reduced then thickened with cream and egg yolk… delicious but a bit rich in fat and calories :)
As an experiment for a member of my family who has to eat less fat and salt, this beoseot deulkkae tang is made without meat and I limited the seasoning to a single table spoon of soup soy sauce. It’s made with a good amount of liquide but thick, even if they are not visible, there’s a lot of mushrooms in it !
Of course with all the ingredients of Maangchi’s recipe it’s even better but this one was already more than satisfying !!
Served with baechu kimchi,
pickled minari and raw garlic,
roasted kim (store bought),
sukju oi namul
and fluffy rice of course
Wonderful meal.

The recipe for Beoseot-deulkkae-tang is here!

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    Your Korean theme meal looks and sounds very healthy and delicious!

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