My first attempt at making Bibim-naengmyeon. Super yummy! I made my cubed radish water kimchi (see my previous upload) before making my cold noodles. So you see the cubed radish in the photo. I also sliced up the shitake mushroom used to boil the broth and added it to the noodles. It adds another dimension to the taste of the noodles. As I do not have the noodles you used, I used soba noodles instead. It turned out awesome! My first photo shows my lip smacking hot and spicy sauce for Bibim-naengmyeon. The 2nd photo shows my very first Bibim-naengmyeon. I just finished it and am thinking of another bowl! Haha!

The recipe for Bibim-naengmyeon (비빔냉면) is here!


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    The sauce and the noodles look so good!

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