Kdrama inspired dinner



In my current Kdrama the mother made a huge container of Jangjorim to take to her daughter’s house. Found it on your website so made it the star of our Korean dinner. Couldn’t get the peppers here so used one green chili and a long thin green pepper. I also used quail eggs because that’s what the Kdrama Mum used. Served it with rice, pickled radish and Broccoli/Tofu side dish. Delicious. My husband has a new favorite dish!

The recipe for Salty beef side dish (Jangjorim:장조림) is here!  

The recipe for Broccoli with Tofu (dubu-muchim:브로콜리 두부무침) is here!

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    The jangjorim looks very tender and juicy. Quail eggs look so cute, too! Broccoli with tofu looks beautiful! We’re so impressed by your cooking!

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