Maangchi, I made Bungeoppang for my husband and another oppa today. They loved it. For the first batch, I followed your recipe 100%. The room smelled wonderful, and the product the delicious. The texture was a bit different from the one I used to have. The crust is not as crispy, but inside it’s very chewy (my husband said it was like ddeok). We liked it a lot, but I decided to do some experiment. I added some potato starch into the batter and some hazelnut essence to add up to the flavor of the crust. I also cooked it at a higher temperature. The product has a crispier outside and a ddeok like inside, very good. For the last batch, I added some amaretto (a hazelnut flavor liquor) and milk to the batter to replace some water. And it tasted wonderful. Thank you for the recipe!

The recipe for bungeoppang is here!

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