My first attempt at Curry Rice

I have just discovered my love for Korean food/ cooking! I’ve tried a couple of recipes and found a curry powder packet in my local Korean market and I recognised it from Maangchi’s video! I had to give it a try. I swapped her recommended pork for chicken breast and it was outstanding! Love love love this recipe.

The recipe for Korean style Curry Rice (Ka-re rice: 카레라이스) is here!

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    I love curry.

    Try adding some coconut cream POWDER. Almost 1 tbs to the recipe. Fish sauce works well too if its not too salty. I like mine spicy so i add gochugaru or fresh gochu also. If you like a stronger curry flavor you can just add regular curry powder. Look for one without salt added or make your own…its simple to make curry powder.

    Another good brand is S&B Golden Curry Roux from Japan. Its a brick and not a powder. Looks almost like a chocolate bar. Japanese and Korean curry are very similar.

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