Dak Galbi

Every time I watch Maangchi’s video recipes my mouth can’t stop watering until I’ve surrendered to defeat and make the dish just so I can try it. The Dak Galbi was one of those dishes which I made tonight. It turned out so good! Spicy, savory and perfect over rice.

The recipe for Dak Galbi is here!


  1. fdrake Reston, VA joined 9/16 & has 2 comments

    You served this over rice? Did you make it without rice cakes?

    • JadedOne San Jose, CA joined 9/14 & has 1 comment

      Yes! I served it over rice and made it without the rice cakes.

      • fdrake Reston, VA joined 9/16 & has 2 comments

        Thanks! I hadn’t thought about doing it that way until I saw your comment, and couldn’t identify any rice cakes in the picture.

        My wife asked why I didn’t make rice to go with it the first time I made this dish (though it was from a recipe on another site), and I had to explain what the rice cakes were.

        I think I’m going to have to try it this way, and see if she likes it better. Having steamed rice to offset the spiciness might be good for her preferences. :-)


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