My daugther’s 1st Kimbap!

My daugther's 1st Kimbap!

Dear Maangchi,
Happy New Year 2020!
Thank you so much for making it easy to cook Korean Food. We have been enjoying this delicious meal even at home for almost 3 years now. Recently I shared with my daughter your Youtube link and she only 15 years old yet manage to do almost 10 rows of Tuna Kimbap just by watching your video. If you see the images its one the item that finish earlier during the BBQ. Photos taken during BBQ dinner we had for New Year Celebration at my hometown Port Dickson in Malaysia. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and keep on rocking my dear Maangchi!

The recipe for Janani 1st Kimbap… is here!

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    The gimbap looks great! She just made this by watching the video! Amazing!

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