My Very First Maangchi Recipe - Haemul-pajeon!!

I’ve been ordering green onion and seafood pancakes from my favourite Korean restaurant for ages but they skimp a bit on the green onions and, of course, there’s nothing like the taste and satisfaction of making your own (but I will sneak back to the local every now and then). So here it is…with an alteration to the flour because I keep gluten very low. I make my own gluten free flour and it worked just fine in this recipe. And yes, the addition of potato starch did the trick for the crunchiness. I used prawns, squid and sea scallops…mmmm!! It could have been more evenly cooked but I don’t have the right pan so it’s time to get one! It won’t be long and I’ll have this beautiful haemul-pajeon perfected :*

The recipe for Haemul-pajeon is here!

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    Your seafood green onion pancake looks incredibly colorful and delicious with an abundance of seafood! Thanks for the tip about using gluten-free flour – it’s sure to help my other readers. Homemade food is always the best!

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