Happy birthday to me!

I wanted to try this recipe and my birthday was the ideal occasion.
It’s so delicious that I will not wait next year to eat it again !!
As you can see mussels were maybe over represented but it was impossible for me to cook less mussels …
Quick story and explanation: I come from the north of France and like our neighbors from Belgium we have a strong culinar history with mussels.
Every year in Lille where I was born, you can go to the “Braderie de Lille”, a sort of tremandous outdoor sale and in this occasion every restaurant in the city serves mussels with french fries, it’s very popular. There’s even a competition between restaurants, the empty shells are stacked in the front of the restaurant and of course at the end of the event, the biggest and highest pile of shells wins ;)
So, as a north french man, the smallest amount of mussels I can eat is… a lot ;)

The recipe for Honghap miyeokguk is here!


  1. Nayko france joined 10/18 & has 34 comments

    Mussels are good with everything and i’m planning to put some in my kimchi when I’ll do the next batch (a small amout with mussels to taste this combination)

    i moved to Paris many years ago and so I can find almost every korean ingredients (except Korean radish,” what the egg !” , even at the K-mart they are never fresh and already wrinkled, so daikon is the radish i’d use to make your recipes)
    Thanks for the adresses! I knew some but not all of them! I can go further on my quest for beautiful Korean radish :))

  2. Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 12,045 comments

    “as a north French man, the smallest amount of mussels I can eat is… a lot ”
    The mussels in the photo look so plump and delicious! I used to cook a huge bucket of mussels for my family when I lived in Korea.

    Yes, you don’t have to wait for your birthday to make this soup.
    I hope you have no problem finding all Korean ingredients in your area. https://www.maangchi.com/shopping/france

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