Fun and interesting photos

Fun photos from me and my readers from around the world!

Korean Readymade Meals Package- Safely received!

I know I’m late but I wanted to thank you as one of the Korean Readymade Meals Package Winners! My family and I are enjoying the goodies! Thank you for letting me introduce delicious Korean cuisine to my family and friends! I’m always looking forward to your recipes and videos~! Stay safe!

One of the 100 winners!

Celebrating a gift from a friend!

I was so excited when my wife sent me the picture… I needed to celebrate so I went out boats of food and had to cook… I haven’t opened the Box yet I think I’ll just keep it sealed and look at it for a while. Thank you

Philippines Meetup on Nov.15 2011

Last night we had a great meetup at Josephine’s house in the Philippines! It was a small group but all of them were super avid Korean food fans. Delicious food, great hospitality, and what else do we need? Yes, passion! We were all passionate about food and cooking. My last destination for Gapshida was a […]

Kuala Lumpur meetup party

I had a wonderful time with my Malaysian readers last night! Thank you for coming to see me! Everyone had a great time sharing food, getting to know each other, and talking about delicious food! The food everyone brought was fantastic!  More stories and photos about this meetup will be posted soon!  Check out our […]

Arriving in Kuala Lumpur

When I arrived in Kuala Lumpur, there was no way the driver Allison sent to pick me up could miss me, even though my flight was 1 hour late.  

Potluck party in Jakarta

Awesome people and yummy food! from my Jakarta meetup on November 8,2011

Picnic with my Singapore readers

 Yesterday I had a wonderful time at my meetup in the Singapore Botanical Gardens. I met so many wonderful people and you wouldn’t believe the beautiful food they brought, it was like artwork! They were all so passionate about cooking Korean food, we are really on the same planet! More stories and the photos about […]

With some foodies living in Wellington New Zealand

Sydney meetup

Lotte’s homemade cake

I was invited over by a group of awesome people yesterday. I had a chance to taste real home style Danish food usually made on Christmas holidays. More photos and a fuller story will be posted later. The cake was made by one of the members, Lotte! I leave for Australia in a few hours, […]

Copenhagen Meetup Oct.14 2011

maangchi having some soju with the korean club


Maangchi and our cameraman, jonas, enjoying the potluck dinner


ah, these wooden shoes are heavy!

Reinier and me in Rotterdam wearing traditional Dutch farmer’s costumes. Heavy wooden shoes! More stories and the photos are posted on my blog.