I have been wanting to make something from Maangchi’s recipes and my brother was so nice to get me the glass noodles I needed for this and a little shopping at Amazon got me some dried shiitake mushrooms! So I went ahead and made some! Oh my! It was so good, my mouth was watering when I made it and it was so delicious! My hands aren’t as strong as Maangchi’s, I couldn’t hold the noodles to cut them shorter and my cutting job with the scissors wasn’t the best so a lot of them were very long but it was still so very good!! I know I won’t have to worry about vampires tonight though, my breath is heavy with garlic! Lol. I cannot thank you enough Maangchi’s for having this site and sharing your recipes.

The recipe for Japchae (Stir-fried glass noodles with vegetables and meat: 잡채)is here!

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    “I know I won’t have to worry about vampires tonight..” haha, you are so funny!
    The soft and chewy noodles, colorful vegetables, and meat look gorgeous and delicious!

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