Multigrain rice

A big bowl of radish soup (without meat), pickled garlic, baechu kimchi and multigrain rice. After that you feel fed but light. “no fat” doesn’t mean “no taste”.

Hello Maangchi, I’m flattered and honored to see that you’ve chosen for your monthly letter one of the photos I’ve sent you here .
“Nayko can make many Korean dishes and now she makes an awesome Korean table prepared according to her own mix and match rules.”
Thank you for this compliment but I have to tell that you are terribly wrong about one thing…
I’m not a “she” but a “he”
:) :) :) :)
Best regards Maangchi !

The recipe for Japgokbap is here!

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    Haha, oops! : )
    I gotta be careful!

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