I love love love this rice dish! I’m not a big fan of barley so I was a bit hesitant to add it in, I almost skipped it but later decided to follow the recipe exactly and then tweak from there. And surprise surprise (or not so much lol) I loved it! Lots of different textures and colours, made a really interesting change from regular white rice and healthier as well with the whole grains. Oh and it’s a million times better than the recipe I tried to invent because I was too impatient to wait for Maangchi’s lol! I added the green peas towards the end of cooking time so they stayed lovely and vibrant green! I served it with doenjang jjigae and homemade kimchi. I’m getting so good at Korean cooking!

The recipe for Multigrain rice (Japgokbap:잡곡밥) is here!


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    I’m sure your japgokbap photo will make many of my readers smile because it’s so awesome! Each grain looks firm but fluffy! I love all these 3 photos. It’s such a delicious and well balanced meal!

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