Jeyukdeopbap with soybean sprouts

I made Kongnamul-bulgogi(Korean spicy stir fried pork and soybean sprout). I used Maangchi’s Jeyuk-deopbap recipe and just added Kongnamul(soybean sprout). Some Koreans including me call this dish ‘Kongbul’ in short version, and there’s franchise restaurant its name is the same.
In Maangchi’s recipe, she add potato starch and the starch makes it a little sticky. So that the seasoning sticks to ingredients and the taste goes well together.
The ratio of pork and Kongnamul is 1 to 1, because Kongnamul is shrunk when it’s cooked. I skipped other vegetables, but if you going to use Kongnamul and other veggies together, I recommend you to make little more seasoning paste and add to your taste or adjust vegetable amount.
Kongbul goes well with rice. You can eat with rice and add some gimgaru(crushed seaweed paper). It’s really tasty.
I always thank to Maangchi for nice recipes, and heart warming stories in her video. She reminds me of my mother. She passed away few years ago. She was nice cook and hard working mom. When I cook food or watching Maangchi’s video, I think about her.
I emailed in Korean a few months ago, but I post a message to send my feelings although I’m not good at English. Haha. Thank you Maangchi. I hope you always be happy and healthy. Love you!

P.S. I have a friend in your hometown, Yeosu. I hope meet you there by a chance in anchovy season or Yuja season someday!

The recipe for Jeyuk bokkeum with Kongnamul is here!

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  1. Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 585 comments

    You wrote a letter to me here! Yes, I’d like to meet you someday, too!
    Thank you for sharing the tip for a variation of my jeyukdeopbap recipe.
    It looks very delicious!

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