Kale muchim

Kale muchim




So I didn’t have any bok choy but I did have some curly green kale. I made the sauce just the same but I think I used too much bean paste because it was a little too salty, so I cooked another bunch of kale and mixed it in and that balanced the flavors out. I don’t know if you have eaten pork tails before but I make pork tails and radish soup. Rice and gim finished out the meal with a chili sauce. Delicious!

The recipe for Kale muchim is here!



  1. Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 12,051 comments

    Dear Souavarat,
    All the dishes you made are hearty food! You used kale instead of bok choy. It’s such a great idea! Is the pork bone soup traditional food in your culture?

    • Souavarat Houston, Texas joined 9/10 & has 45 comments

      Thank you. Yes pork bone soup is traditionally made with pickled mustard greens or big radishes. Sometimes we use pork trotters or neckbones like in gamjatang. Very delicious.

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