Our first batch of homemade kimchi!

Our first batch of homemade kimchi!



My boyfriend and I are feeling very happy and proud and thankful for having found Maangchi’s YouTube channel last month. It has inspired us to finally make kimchi- something we’ve been wanting to make for years now. I lived in Korea for two years about 8 years ago, so being able to make kimchi brings back good memories. It was really a lot easier than I thought! We’re now waiting 36 hours before taking the first bite. I can’t wait to make other kimchi based dishes like chigge and mandoo and pajeon! You can follow me on Instagram at Foodclubloniponi and Loniponi2000. I’m also about to start a third page to share dishes that I make at home.

The recipe for Traditional Napa Cabbage Kimchi is here!

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    I’m so happy to see such nice looking kimchi! You also look so cute!
    “something we’ve been wanting to make for years now. ” Yay! How did your kimchi turn out after fermented?

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