Korean food meets Kantonese

This afternoon Erik was very grumpy a.k.a. hangry. I checked the fridge and there was some leftover rice. Ofcourse there’s always kimchi and I found some Chinese sausage (lap cheong).
I thought it would make a great combination of flavors!
I first cooked the sausage in a bit of water, after that sliced it and fried it in a wok. I’ve added the cold rice and the cut up kimchi and fried all of it together. It turned out very delicious! Erik was very happy ;-)

The recipe for Kimchi-bookeumbap with chinese sausage is here!

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    I love the flavor and texture of Chinese sausage! I sometimes use it in my stir-fried rice. You made “hangry Erik” happy with this! Delicious!

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