Kimchi Fried Rice fried rice!

My winter kimchi is now one month old, it begins to be properly fermented for dishes like kimchi-bokkeumbap. Here is the one I made last night for dinner. I love this recipe!
On the second picture you can see it’s little cousin I made for lunch a few weeks ago.
I tried fusion cusine whith this “Thaï-kimchi-bokkeumbap” :)
For this one, instead of gochujang, I used nahm-prik-pao, the thai chili paste, in french we call it confiture de piments (chili jam) because it’s sweet and actually very midly spiced. Also, I didn’t use sesame oil but nahm-prik for seasonning (a sauce made of fish sauce, lime, garlic, sugar and plenty of hot chilis) and of course I fried it in a wok.
This one was pretty good too!

The recipe for kimchi-bokkeumbap is here!

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