Spicy garlic fried chicken :)

깐풍기 Spicy garlic fried chicken :)

We made this spicy garlic fried chicken :D
Actually we burnt chili oil once because we didn’t turn off the heat haha.
Make sure you turn off the heat before you add chili flakes into the oil.
By the way, this recipe is so amazing!
I am Korean and I’ve tasted this chicken since I was a kid,
but this is the best recipe ever in my life!
It’s full of aroma!!! Everyone should try this.

The recipe for Amazing spicy garlic fried chicken is here!

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  1. ShrimpGuy Louisiana, USA joined 8/17 & has 1 comment

    I’ve made this a few times and each time is better than the last. The last few times, I’ve used shrimp instead of chicken! WOW, fantastic recipe and excellent instructions!

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