My Korean dinner table!

This diner was a fest! As we say in my country “J’ai fait une chère de roi” , meaning more or less “I ate like the Kings do”…
A simple radish soup inspired by Soegogi-muguk, spicy braised potatoes, 4 fresh big oysters (N°2), raw vegetables with a Ssamjang dipping sauce, napa cabbage kimchi, Spicy stuffed green chili pepper kimchi, Asian chive kimchi and Cubed radish kimchi.
Just one thing i regret: my french brain said to my stomach “you can’t eat rice and potatoes, you don’t need both” (I can’t remind of a french dish associating potatoes and rice, we always eat one or the other) BUT during the fest my stomach yelled at my brain “hey, we are dealing with a lot of kimchi here, where is my rice!?!”
Ok, message received and lesson learned :)

Thank you Maangchi for your recipes!

The recipe for Tongbaechu-kimchi, Kkakdugi, Buchu-kimchi, Gochu-sobagi, Ssamjang, Maeun-gamja-jorim is here!


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    Ok, now i am blushing :)

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    Nayko, you are so good at Korean cooking! Impressive!

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