Mak Kimchi finally!

Ever since I accidentally discovered Maangchi on YouTube 2 years ago, I’ve been trying out most of your recipe. One thing that I’ve always wanted to try at the back of my mind is the Mak Kimchi recipe. However, I’ve been living on my own and I travel frequently not to mention I move a lot. In these 2 years, I’ve only managed to make the Emergency Kimchi because it’s is in smaller batches and easier to manage. Despite the name, every batch I make always taste good and I will even use them to make Kimchi Jiggae, Kimchi fried rice and kimchi everything else. Recently I’ve finally moved to a more permanent location and is now living with my partner. After finally settling in, it’s time to make some Kimchi for storage. Now that I have bigger storage and also someone to share with, I’ve decided to give this Mak Kimchi recipe a try but I’ve ommited the squid, leek and radish. First because either we’re allergic to seafood and radish plus we couldn’t find leek around us. Made it tonight and definitely taste good. I can’t wait for it to be fermented and try it out with different recipes. We’re very thankful to Maangchi for your willingness to share the recipes with your “secrets”. My partner and I actually call your recipes foolproof. One can never go wrong with Maangchi’s recipes. All the recipes I’ve tried so far tastes amazing and they’re as good if not better than the Korean restaurants we find around the places we visit. Thank you Maangchi and I can’t wait to tryout more of your recipes.

The recipe for Mak Kimchi – Easy Kimchi is here!

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    Thank you for telling us your story! I’m glad you are enjoying kimchi these days, your kimchi looks amazing!

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